Terms Of Service

GURUSPOINTINCOME Program Terms of Service.


The following Terms and Conditions control your membership on GURUSPOINTINCOME PROGRAM. You agree that you have read and understood this Agreement (“Agreement”) and that your membership on GURUSPOINTINCOME(the “Program”) shall be subject to the following Terms and Conditions between you (the “Member”) and GURUSPOINTINCOME.

These Terms and Conditions may be modified at any time by GURUSPOINTINCOME PROGRAM Administrators without notice. Please review them from time to time since your ongoing use is subject to the terms and conditions as modified. Your continued participation in GURUSPOINTINCOME after such modification shall be deemed to be your acceptance of any such modification. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, please do not register to become a member of GURUSPOINTINCOME.

Terms of Participation

Member must be 18 years of age or older to participate. Members must provide GURUSPOINTINCOME with accurate, complete and updated registration information, including but not limited to an accurate name, mailing address and email address.

To the full extent allowed by applicable law, GURUSPOINTINCOME PROGRAM at its sole discretion and for any or no reason may refuse to accept applications for membership in the following terms.

Members may not

(i) activate or use more than one Member account;

(ii) select or use an Email Address of another person;

(iii) use a name subject to rights of another person without authorization from that person;

(iv) use a false or misleading name (Except for privacy), mailing address, or email address to activate or use a Member account.

By signing up for the GURUSPOINTINCOME PROGRAM, Member is opting-in to receive other special offer emails from GURUSPOINTINCOME. If you do not wish to receive these emails, you may cancel your account anytime.

GURUSPOINTINCOME reserves the right to track Member’s activity by both IP Address as well as individual browser activity.

Member agrees not to abuse his or her membership privileges by acting in a manner inconsistent with this Agreement.

Member agrees not to attempt to earn through other means than the legitimate channels authorized by GURUSPOINTINCOME.

Member agrees not to participate in any fraudulent behaviour of any kind.

Spamming is strictly prohibited. Any spamming done to advertise with GURUSPOINTINCOME will result in immediate termination of your account and a forfeiture of your account earning balance. Incidents will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Refund Policy: As we are offering non-tangible virtual digital goods which is a form of a registration fee, we do not generally issue refunds after the purchase of GURUSPOINTINCOME coupon code has been made. Please note that by purchasing the GURUSPOINTINCOME coupon code, you agree to the no Refund Policy.

Membership activities, posting, sponsored post sharing and commenting:

Administrators, Editors and Moderators reserve the right to approve or disapprove contents or comments posted on the GURUSPOINTINCOME INCOME. As a GURUSPOINTINCOME PROGRAM member, you will only earn and get revenue shared paid to your bank account when you abide by the following rules:

  • Irrelevant contribution (comment) e.g: one word, hmmm, ok, lol, etc and a single line of the same sentence on all post or comments not related to subject matters are not allowed. They will be trashed and you will not earn.
  • Consistent irrelevant post of comments by a user and inappropriate behaviour may result in suspension or termination of membership and forfeiture of member’s unredeemed earnings.
  • Multiple comments on a post on purpose to earn more is not allowed.
  • Sponsored post sharing must correspond with the post date and must be shared as recommended and users may only earn from current sponsored post and not from old ones else the accounts will  have technical issues when discovered


  1. We payout every 21st of each month to our activity earners and daily to our affiliate earners..This payment commences the same day and if you apply successfully, you should get your alerts in nothing more than 72hours from the time of application….the affiliate earnings will be paid in full while activity earnings will be paid based on the available resources after affiliate earners have been paid


  1. Registration is a one-off thing…..once you register you won’t be asked for any other funds, so you get to earn throughout the whole existence of GURUSPOINTINCOMEPROGRAM


  1. Also, take note that we believing in balancing the system i.e users should not always believe in earning from only activity earnings….they should also kindly ensure they try to earn as an affiliate earner also but we must pay you even if you did not refer anyone.

If you did not get paid while you have earned required threshold, it doesn’t mean you won’t get paid while the system keeps running. Your earning will be carried over to the following month and paid to your local bank account.

Updated on 20/09/2020