Earn 50k weekly as guruspoint vendor


Guruspoint income is a social community created for all Nigerians to earn some money for their living and win cash prizes weekly. Guruspoint is currently looking for eligible and active coupon code vendors to partner with.

Who is a Coupon Code Vendor?

A coupon code vendor is one who buys registration codes otherwise called coupon codes in large quantities and at a lesser rate(N1500) and then sells to end users at the retail price (N1600)

Your Name and WhatsApp number or means of contact will be displayed on the site for people to patronize you and you make money.

Benefits of Becoming a Coupon Code Vendor

====>In a week, 500 or more members could buy code from you (especially if you’re very active online and delivers immediately). In calculation, you’re making at Least 500×100= N50,000 from selling codes alone. 500 persons is just an estimation as you can even get more than that if you’re hardworking. You earn #1000 for each person you introduced to join the platform,
If all the 500 persons who buy code from you all registered under you that’s 1000×500=#500,000
You can imagine how much you can make in a week just as a vendor on guruspoint income.

====> Being a coupon code vendor brings more referrals to you because as you serve as a mediator on the platform. People might just visit our site and decide to contact a coupon code vendor for clarification and if you do your work well, the person ends up registering under you and you make more money.

====> There’s also a reward for the highest vendor. In a month, the number of codes you’ve purchased would be checked and if you’re the highest vendor, you receive a cash prize and airtime bonus too with lot’s of other lucrative incentives.

====> Also, the highest weekly referral will be awarded with cash prize too.

How to become a coupon code vendor

Note: the minimum code to purchase at once is 10 coupon codes. You can purchase more than 10 at once, depending on how much you have.

Pay to the Account below 👇👇👇
Account name: Ogbonna Chukwudi
Account Number: 2133627299
Bank Provider: UBA

After payment, submit proof of payment to this WhatsApp number 08108070550

To chart with our admin click on the link below

Once payment has been approved, you will receive the codes depending on the amount you ordered for and your Name, WhatsApp number will be displayed on the website page for coupon code vendors.

Qualities of a Coupon Code Vendor that will make you more money.

👉Be online always. Don’t keep customers waiting.
👉Guide your customers where they need help.
👉 Don’t be rude to anyone.
👉 Don’t try to scam anyone. If you don’t have coupon code at the moment, tell your customer so he/she can buy from someone else.
👉Tell your customers to always patronize you and even refer people to buy from you. For more information and to get started call or WhatsApp 08108070550

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