AAUA guidelines for the conduct of ENT/GST 1st semester CBT exam, 2019/2020



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This is to bring to your notice that Computer-based examinations for GST Courses have been scheduled to hold from Wednesday, 10 March to Saturday 13th March, 2021 and Monday, 22 March 2021 while examinations for ENT Courses would come up on Tuesday, 23 and Wednesday, 24 March 2021, at the University CBT Centre (Students should check their Department/Faculty noticeboards for details.);

Students are expected to answer 50 questions in each of the ENT and GST courses within a period of 25 minutes;

AAUA guidelines for the conduct of ENT/GST 1st semester CBT exam, 2019/2020

As is the practice, the first 15 questions would be taken as Continuous Assessment (CA) test C. and the remaining 35 questions would be taken as examinations in each of the courses.

Students are expected to arrive at the venue of the examinations 30 minutes before the scheduled time;

To participate in the examination, registered students should visit the ECODE Platform at https://ecode.aaua.edu.ng to download their examination pass and code before the examinations. Students are expected to login at the platform with their matriculation number and eportal username. Students who are yet to obtain their matriculation number can use their JAMB Registration Number.

Students who for ANY reason could not generate their pass and code on the ECODE Platform should meet designated ICTAC officials at the venue of the examination for possible assistance:

Students are requested to conduct themselves orderly at the venue of the examinations, shun any act that are capable of misconduct and keep to the COVID-19 protocols i.e. use of nose mask, maintaining physical distance and use of hand sanitizer


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